Self-Soothe Crystal Bath Bomb
Self-Soothe Crystal Bath Bomb

Self-Soothe Crystal Bath Bomb

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The Self Soothe is a crystal bath bomb promoting a sense of calmness, relieving stress, while soothing your muscles.

The Self Soothe crystal bath bomb was inspired to balance of the mind, body and spirit hence promoting the ultimate soothe of all aspects of your being.

The therapeutic notes of the sweet eucalyptus and lavender bath bomb is infused with a tourmaline crystal. The tourmaline healing crystal promotes relaxation, grounding, spiritual protection, and is recognized as the stone of purification. The calendula petals are topped on the bath bomb to assist in channeling in positive energies and is also considered the herb of love and master healer.


♡ Mantra: I am soothing my mind, body and spirit

7oz | Circumference: 9"



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