Soulpreneur Daily Notepad
Soulpreneur Daily Notepad
Soulpreneur Daily Notepad
Soulpreneur Daily Notepad

Soulpreneur Daily Notepad

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Your Spiritual Guide to Thriving in Entrepreneurship

A self care notepad for small business owners, conscious entrepreneurs, content creators, artists, creatives that prioritize their sacred trinity (mind, body and spirit). It is a daily planner to help you balance both your business and well-being.

The Soulpreneur notepad was inspired by my own journey to balancing my businesses while maintaining my mind, body and spirit.

It is important to balance our well-being while growing our small businesses. We can easily get consumed by the day to day tasks of working on our businesses and forget to pour into our own cups... leaving us burnt out and at an energetic deficit. How can we better serve our community, our customers, from an empty cup? PRIORITIZING OUR WELL-BEING allows us the opportunity to serve from the abundant overflow of our being... making us magnetic and living in our light.

Finding harmony between business success and spiritual well-being is key. Our SEO-optimized Soulpreneur Notepad is a powerful tool designed to help you align your spiritual journey with your entrepreneurial path.

Key Features:

🌿 Mindful Planning: This notepad seamlessly blends practical business strategies with spiritual exercises, offering a space to set goals, track progress, and reflect on your holistic well-being.

💡 Soulful Balance: Explore thought-provoking prompts that encourage self-discovery, allowing you to nurture your spiritual and personal growth alongside your business aspirations.

📆 Daily Spiritual Rituals: Infuse each day with intention through spiritual practices that ground you, provide clarity, and foster a deep connection to your higher purpose.

🌟 Divine Inspiration: Find motivation within its pages with spiritually uplifting quotes, affirmations, and guidance that elevate your consciousness and maintain a positive mindset.

📝 Action with Purpose: Use the notepad to outline your business strategies, set actionable goals, and manifest your dreams, bridging the material and spiritual realms.

The Soulpreneur Notepad goes beyond productivity; it's your spiritual companion on the journey to entrepreneurial success while nurturing your soul's growth. It's a transformative resource for those who seek to align their ambitions with their spiritual essence, ensuring holistic success.

Embrace the balance between your entrepreneurial journey and spiritual growth. Elevate your purpose and manifest abundance in both domains with the Soulpreneur Notepad.

Achieve worldly success while nurturing your spiritual path – make the Soulpreneur Notepad your guide today.

This self love notepad is perfect for:
☽ Cultivating positive habits in our day-to-day that compounds positive results into the future
☽ Cultivating balance within our business and our well-being
☽ Small business showers (think baby showers but for birthing businesses)

☽ Staying in track with your to do list
☽ Gifts for family + friends
☽ Masterminding sessions
☽ Workshops
☽ Retreats
☽ And more!

From my heart to yours,
Khristyne, Co-founder of Self Goddess

- Size: 5.5" x 8.5" | A5 Notepad
- 25 tear off sheets
- 70 lbs paper uncoated
- Cardboard back
- Terracotta
- Self love planner, Self care planner, Daily Planner, Daily productive planner